PRIME 1 Building Analytics & Maximization Group Ltd.

Established in 1967, Master Contract Services has developed and expanded over the years into the PRIME 1 Group of Companies. The company grew from its founder's passion of working with clients to create the highest possible value in their real estate assets. That passion has drawn together an exceptional group of people across several generations who now deliver a full suite of consulting, planning, construction and maintenance services to help owners realize their goals.

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PRIME 1 Building Analytics & Maximization Group Ltd.

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Preserve Restore Improve For Maximum Effect

At the core of PRIME 1's mandate is to Preserve Restore and Improve one of your most valuable assets for maximum effect. The 1967 Dodge Coronet and 2017 Mustang Shelby GT350 are PRIME examples of this mandate. Just like our vehicles, appropriate maintenance, care and improvements of structures and properties can not only keep them in optimal condition but enhance their overall value. The PRIME 1 Group of Companies provide a comprehensive suite of services that restore and improves struggling complexes or sustains and optmizes the performance of new or well maintained properties through the establishment and implementation of sound maintenance, renewal and fiscal plans.

Through our building analytics branch we work with you to preserve your property investments ensuring you are informed in your planning and decision making. Our construction branch makes repairs and enhancements to your buildings and properties.