Strata Construction Project Management

Our experienced professionals will save you a great deal of time, money and aggravation.

Repairs, renewals or renovations such as replacement windows, balconies, patios, retaining systems, waterproofing failure correction, complete envelope finishes, parking structure joints etc. must be done correctly and cost effectively to maintain and build Strata value as well as optimize operations.

Master Contract Services Ltd.

We're Here to Help:

  • Do you need a problem or set of problems assessed to determine how to solve it or them?
  • Do you need to repair, renew, or renovate based on an existing report?
  • Do you need a competent trade for a specific job?
  • Do you need clarity around budget, financing, timing, and priorities?

We provide or source timely & sound issue analysis & solutions, quality specifications and scopes of work, acquisition of needed goods, materials, trades and services & management of related contracts, development & implementation of timelines, site flow, progress assessment, managing unexpected in process findings, disbursements and warranties and the communication required with stakeholders throughout the process.


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Wear & tear or catastrophic events create repair projects necessary to maintain building function, safety and aesthetics with each building and site being unique. We can walk you through these repair projects to help you make effective, efficient and well-informed decisions.


From roofs to parking structures, finishes to ventilation & everything in between, all building systems and their components have a life-cycle requiring a renewal or replacement date. We guide you through renewal processes & help you protect your investment.          


Advancements in technology, materials, technique, & design occasionally offer improved performance, better functionality, or aesthetic appeal. We can help you determine if the latest & greatest would add value - and how best to take advantage of it if it is.