Building Analytics & Planning Tools For Stratas

Canadian Strata Fund Track Solutions specializes in assisting strata corporations to identify and plan an optimal strategy for restoring, maintaining and improving their property. The 3-Step Strata Fund Track Approach provides a clear path to ensuring your strata buildings and properties are providing their optimal value. 

On-Site Inspections
(Predictive Analysis®)

An initial Predictive Analysis® is carried out which includes a detailed inspection of the property, site systems and components along with various units. This non-invasive physical inspection is conducted with the aid of infrared cameras where appropriate to provide information beyond what is visible to the human eye.

Once the inspection has been completed a baseline is established and a report is provided which summarizes existing issues along with suggestions for their remediation. These inpsections are then repeated every 3 years.

Detailed Reports & Funding Scenarios

Various reports are developed from the inspection and may include prioritized maintenance and renewal plans, budget & financial modelling, a 30 year depreciation report and more.

Strata’s have 24 /7 access to these documents through our secure online system and are able to run funding scenarios to determine the optimal way to plan and fund current and future expenditures.

Issue Investigation & Thermal Imaging

Inspection teams are available on a call-out basis should an unexpected issue arise between scheduled 36-month inspections.

The issue will be analyzed to identify the source(s) and thermal imaging may be utilized to trace leaks and unexpected failures in a non-invasive way. A Scope of Work will be provided to the Strata along with references to qualified repair teams if requested.